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90 Parts

The Audi 90 was an upscale version of the Audi 80. It offered Audi buyers a more luxurious car with better options and different styling then its little brother, the Audi 80. The Audi 90 shared much of the same body parts but offered a slightly different headlight arrangement and bigger engines. It also came in both front wheel drive and Quattro versions. Much like every Audi of this era, it was available with a wide selection of different engines making it very hard to find parts for a specific engine. Here at Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts, we stock a large selection of foreign auto parts, including Audi 90 parts. Check out our online parts store for great deals on Used Audi 90 parts.

Buying used German car parts online can get really confusing if you’re not in the auto parts business. Many sites are cluttered and don’t actually stock any Audi 90 parts for sale. Locating just the right part for your Audi 90 can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for but luckily here at Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts we’re here to get you exactly what you need. When we part out a car we save over 250 different part types including Audi 90 alternators, AC Compressors, ECU Computers, Transmissions and more. Every Audi 90 part we pull is carefully inspected before being shipped out to our customers. We know that you need a high quality Audi 90 part the first time and we do whatever possible to make sure that happens.

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