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5000 Parts

The Audi 5000 was an interesting car for Audi that had great success but also great controversy. At the time, the 5000 was one of the most aerodynamic cars Audi ever produced. This updated, smooth, rounded Audi got better gas mileage because of its shape which Audi used to their advantage in marketing materials. Audi was in the midst of revamping many of its model lineup but ran into a snag when reports of unintentional Acceleration in the 5000 models started coming in. The problem was creating accidents across the country and prompted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to do a report on the problem. They found that in many cases the problem was actually with the driver accidentally hitting the wrong pedal and accelerating instead of braking.

Audi found itself with a PR nightmare and scrambled to make changes to the pedals as recalls. Unfortunately Audi’s PR department didn’t do a good job handling the situation and started to blame the drivers for the problem in the 5000 which didn’t sit well with buyers. The resale value of the Audi 5000 dropped and sales of new Audi 5000’s and other models slowed almost to a stop. This series of recalls and PR mistakes would hurt Audi’s US sales substantially over the next decade. Slow sales means finding good quality used parts for your Audi 5000 difficult. Not many Audi 5000’s are still on the road today and keeping yours running can be a challenge. Shop Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts today for great deals on Used OEM Audi 5000 parts.

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