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Air Intake

Your cars Air Cleaner assembly houses the air filter for your engine. The air filter has an important role in keeping your engine breathing clean. The Air Filter filters out any dust or debris from the air your engine takes in. The Air Cleaner Housing, or more commonly known as Air Box, is a plastic box that sits in the front of your engine bay and houses the air filter. The factory Air Box is fine tuned to match your engine’s air needs. Its job is to not only to house the air filter, its design can greatly affect how much noise and horse power your engine makes.

It’s important to check your Air Box every time you change your air filter. Cracks in the air box can allow sand, debris, and water inside your engine. Sending that dirty air into the intake can ruin sensitive electronics, clog your intake and even damage the internals of your engine. It’s important to check the plastic housing and all hoses that are attached to the Air Cleaner to ensure there are no melted, cracked or damaged lines. Need a replacement air box? Check our parts store for great deals on OEM air boxes. We sell used air intake boxes that work great to replace your broken one or to restore your car back to OEM if an aftermarket intake has been installed.

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