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Air Injection Pump

A cars Air Injection pump plays an important role in the vehicles emissions. The air pump idea was first introduced back in 1966 as a way to clean up exhaust gases. The pump delivers pressurized fresh air to the exhaust for before the catalytic converter. The addition of oxygen to the hot exhaust gas allows for continued burning of fuel as it travels through the exhaust system. This creates a much cleaner exhaust gas that’s easier on the environment.

In order for your car to pass emissions, the entire air injection system has to be in good working order. This means that your smog pump needs to be working, along with any associated valves or hoses. If any part of the injection pump system fails, you’ll get a check engine light, fail emissions and most importantly your car will expel dirtier exhaust fumes. Here at Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts we carry a large selection of quality used air pumps. Get the right smog pump at the right price here at Tom’s!

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