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Vigor Parts

The Acura Vigor was sold between 1981 and 1995 as Acura’s midsized sedan. Later replaced by the TL, the Vigor was originally an upscale Accord. The third and last generation Vigor received a unique 2.5L longitudinally mounted 5cyl engine. This 5cyl engine gave the Vigor an almost perfect 50/50 weight ratio. In the mid 90’s, the Vigor was outclassed by many of its competitors in the mid sized luxury segment. Poor sales and bad market response lead to the end of the Acura Vigor in 1994. Finding parts for these cars can be hard but here at Tom’s Foreign we stock a large selection of quality Used Acura Vigor parts.

An Acura Vigor is still a great car to own today despite its age. They were reliable and stylish cars for their time and as with any Acura, the Vigor has proven to be reliable. Unfortunately it’s becoming harder and harder to find quality Vigor parts as aftermarket companies and Acura stop producing replacement parts. Luckily auto recyclers like us still exist to fill that void of parts. We part out hundreds of Acura parts cars each year including many Acura Vigor’s and sell the used auto parts online. When you need an original OEM Vigor part, look no further than Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts. We sell everything from Acura Vigor alternators, starters, computers and even engines so don’t hesitate to search our store!

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