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CSX Parts

The Acura CSX is Acura’s exclusively designed sedan for the Canadian market. The CSX is offered with a 5 speed manual transmission, a 5 speed automatic transmission and a 6 speed manual transmission in the Type S model. The CSX came with 2.0 L engine that produced 155 HP and 139 ft-LB. Type S models of the CSX came with a higher performance 2.0 L producing 197 HP using Honda’s i-VTEC technology. The CSX shares much of the same exterior as the Honda Civic. Here at Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts, we stock a large selection of hard to find Acura CSX parts.

Being that the Acura CSX is basically a rebadged Canadian Civic, many of USDM Honda Civic parts will fit on to the Acura CSX. While the body parts do have some differences that give it a slightly more prestigious Acura look and feel, many of the mechanical and electrical parts interchange. We part out hundreds of Acura’s every year so finding parts that fit your Acura CSX is no problem. Gone are the days of searching high and low for a quality replacement auto part. The internet has opened up the market for used parts making it increasingly easier to find a high quality CSX part right from your couch. Search Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts today for all your used Acura CSX part needs!

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